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Your Loan Teams Collaboration Platform for Improved Performance

Maximize the productivity of the lending department by maintaining a highly efficient collaborative work flow with your loan team resulting in greater profitability

Powerful Portfolio Mangement Tools

Consolidation of loan data, documentation, alerts, diary ticklers and reviewable comments, along with powerful drill down reporting.

What Will You Get From The Loan Navigator

The Loan Navigator helps promote timely workflow responsibilities performance to help you avoid the most common deficiencies found in examiner reviews.

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Servicing Cost Savings

Save over 20% of the Cost of your Annual Loan Servicing Costs so you can Service More Loans Without Adding Staff

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Loan Team Collaboration

Improves service standard accountability with collaborative work flow between you and your Team

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Easy to Customize

Choose integration options such as eSignatures, EFT, Loan Auto-Decisioning, Fraud Detection, Collections and more

See All New The Loan Navigator Features

Loan investor payment management along with Electronic Document Signatures are some of the new features with more coming.

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The Loan Navigator© provides a centralized platform for consolidation of loan data, documentation, alerts, diary ticklers and reviewable comments, along with powerful drill down reporting.

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Mobile First. Loan Information Access to Manage your Loan Portfolio anytime, anywhere.

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  • (SAAS) Subscription So Getting Started is Quick and Easy.
  • Interest Calculation Processing
  • Loan Reserves Calculation and Analysis
  • EFT Payment Processing Integration

The Loan Navigator generates synergy through a clear efficient workflow to help your lending team operate at a higher level of performance.

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Custom Solutions Integration Architecture

The Loan Navigator extends your core processing systems capabilities by empowering lenders with a central and secure platform with integration to your banking web site and financial servicing vendors to provide organized loan portfolio information with convenient access using web browser, windows desktop, mobile device or API Web Services.


Let's Take a Closer Look

Loan Navigator was designed with having 'Everything in one place in mind'. Your complete loan portfolio is accessible from the 'Loan Dashboard' with features including quick sorts of the loans to immediately identify missing data or loan values


See Plans and Pricing

Pricing is based on volume of loans and number of users.



$1 per loan /mo over 200
  • 10 Users
  • 100MB Storage
  • Custom Cloud Services
  • Performance Management


$1 per loan /mo over 500
  • 50 Users
  • 500MB Storage
  • Custom Cloud Services
  • Performance Management

$ /mo

  • Over 100 Users
  • 1000MB Storage
  • Custom Cloud Services
  • Performance Management

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